Workshops provide more room for a larger understanding, reflection and deepening in yoga. A combination of yoga positions, meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy brings it to a whole. Suitable for everyone, from the curious beginner to the more experienced yogi who want to immerse themselves.

 Madeleine has participated in many workshops over the years, and really likes the concept. She says that from the day her mother sent her on workshops and courses in self-development and meditation, she has just continued. “I really like workshops as you get a lot in a short time. You focus on a theme and can immerse yourself in it,” says Madeleine.


Breathtaking body balance

 In this workshop/class the theme is groundation where the focus is on deep breathing and different balance poses. The essence is to find the balance between a steadyness and an ease.

We will begin with a breathing practice to get the understanding of the why and how’s of breathing. After we will start with an organic flow that will lead us in different standing and armbalance poses. It will be energizing and fun!


Place: Yoga Shakti, Högbergsgatan
TIme: 10.30-12.30
Price: 300 SEK
Booking: (info will come…)